My Mission

Before you get to know me, I want you to know my two-part mission for this blog:

  • First, to lift up independent, self-published, and traditionally-published female writers who are trying to make a living — or at least have fun — doing what they love; and
  • To document my own  journey as a novelist and blogger.

Hey, lady! My name is Meghan. I’m a wife, writer, and compulsive reader. (Tell me you wouldn’t rather be curled up with a cup of coffee and an Emily Giffin novel right now. You can’t, can you?)

Welcome to The Lady in Read: a home for women who read, write, and want to be read. 

I created this blog because I truly believe that we rise by lifting others. I don’t know who said it first, but it’s a pretty good motto.

I’ve been writing for over a decade. I’ve had articles, blog posts, poems, and even a poetry chapbook published. My next goal? Novels. I’m working on my first, and as I do, I want to focus not only on my own process, but on others’, too.

The Lady in Read: for women who read, write, and want to be read

This is also a home for you as a writer and reader. This is a place where you can discover new authors and gather tips for your own writing process.

This is also a place where you can learn how to make money as a writer. From publishing novels to blogging to ghostwriting, your skill can earn a good living. Have you recently had a book published that you want to share? Are you already a published author or blogger with good advice for the rest of us? Let me know! This isn’t just a place for me to share my own thoughts, tips, and writing advice. It’s a place for you, as a writer, to share yours, too.

If you’re interested in contributing, contact me here. Marketing your work takes work, and I want to help. This is a community, and we’re in it together.

Okay, now a couple of things about me: I’m a captivated wife to my musician/designer husband and we have a cat-daughter named Black Sabbath. We also have a real daughter who we’re madly in love with! My life goals include publishing plenty of good books, visiting all fifty states, and learning how to rap “Don’t Touch Me” by Busta Rhymes flawlessly. If I’m not writing or reading, you’ll most likely find me watching superhero movies and reruns of old sitcoms with my husband, baby, and cat.

Oh, and I’m constantly searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

If I haven’t met you yet, then let’s connect on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook! Sometimes it’s nice to have a fellow writer to bounce ideas off of or just plain vent to, y’know? Writing is pretty much the best, but it can also be incredibly frustrating. So don’t go it alone.

Want to read more? Visit the blog or stop by one of my other online homes, Meg Bliss Books or The Blissful Poet.

Happy reading & writing, lady!


The Lady in Read: for women who read, write, and want to be read