Writer’s Roundup: Best Blogging + Writing Resources I Found This Month

Hey, lady!

How was your September? Did you get as much writing done as you’d hoped, or was it more of a read-in-a-corner-and-ignore-the-world kind of month? For me it was a little of both.

The good news is that while I keep cranking out the novel, I have so much good stuff planned for you on the blog in the coming weeks. Just because you may be writing alone doesn’t mean you should be lonely. 🙂

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For now, here are five resources that have been helpful or inspiring to me personally this month. I hope they’ll be helpful for you, too.

Create 365™ The Happy Planner from me and by BIG ideas.

Girl. I feel like I’ve been looking for the perfect planner for a long time, and I FINALLY FOUND IT. I love this thing, and that’s coming from a lifelong planner junkie. It has helped me schedule my blog posts, set and record writing goals for the next 18 months, and it gives me plenty of space to track daily to-do’s and keep myself organized (which is a struggle these days). Plus, you can buy a bunch of customizable inserts like folders, grocery lists, budget trackers, and even holiday- and event-themed stickers. It’s also pretty.

Author Business Plan from YourWriterPlatform.com.

I’ve been meaning to create an author business plan for a while, but it was something I kept putting off because I didn’t know where to start (and I didn’t want to). This free download made it easy because everything was laid out for me. All I had to do was answer the questions. If you want to write books for a living, you have to start looking at yourself as a business where your books are the product. It’s a shift in mindset for creative types, but it’s absolutely essential.

Ivory Mix.

The whole thing. When I started this blog (and all of the other ones I’ve had over the years), I was excited about writing it. All the other stuff? Not so much. That’s why Ivorymix is amazeballs. Because it helps with the “everything else” I’m not necessarily good at. I signed up for her email list and got instant access to a whole library of stuff that was so useful for the non-designer in me. (She also introduced me to the Adobe Color Wheel, which may have changed my life a little bit.) Anyway, if you’re trying to blog your book but you don’t really like the blogging part, check her out for some seriously helpful helps.

Self-Publishing News You Can Use, Sept. 2016 edition from The Book Designer.

I always wonder about print versus e-books and how publishing and buying trends will continue to change. I’ve always been convinced, and maybe stubbornly, that printed books will never go out of style. People love to hold a book in their hands. They love the cover design, the way it feels to turn a page, the satisfaction of adding another book to the shelf. And according to this, Barnes & Noble is even opening a few concept stores with nicer amenities and wine + beer. Wait, so now we can peruse the books we want to buy while drinking wine by a cozy fire pit? Think about that for a second, and then go ahead and do your happy dance.

Novel in a Month Notebook from Eva Deverell.

For one thing, NaNoWriMo is coming up, so if you legitimately want to write a novel in a month, this will help you plan it out. But if you just want to crank out a novel, say, every month (no big deal), it’s good for that, too. You can also track your progress as you go. Her whole website just makes me happy. It’s pure delight, like I imagine wallowing in a pile of books might be. (Actually, that might hurt. Don’t do that.)

Bonus: Here’s a list of 100 best websites for writers from The Write Life, just in case you love lists as much as I do. And don’t forget to pick up your FREE copy of The Complete Social Media Cheat Sheet for Novelists. (Seriously though, who doesn’t love free stuff?!)

What was the most helpful thing you found to help you with your writing this month? Leave a comment below or join the Ladies in Read Community on Pinterest for tons of writing tips + inspiration!

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