Benefits of Writing What You Want to Read

What do you like to write? Suspense novels? YA fantasy? Epic poems? Quarter-life crisis romantic comedies? (*Raises Louboutin*)

Next question: Do you write what you, personally, would pick up and buy in a bookstore or download to your Kindle?

While there are many benefits to writing outside of your comfort zone, this post isn’t about that. That’ll come later. This is about the benefits of writing what YOU like to read.

This might be helpful if you’ve been facing huge writer’s block lately. Not the nitpicky stuff, like what your antagonist’s middle name should be, but the building blocks. You need to build a foundation before you can write a cohesive, consistent story, but sometimes you run out of bricks.

At least, I do.

So what do you love to read? Write that. Write the next book you would take off the shelf. The one that pairs perfectly with your mocha Frappuccino herbal tea. Ah, calm.

Here’s why you should try it:

  • When you write what you like, you have a good framework. You’ve read plenty of it, so you know how that type of story is usually structured.
  • You know your audience perfectly because it’s you. No need to conduct serious research here to determine your target audience. Just take a look at your own bookshelf. Then look in the mirror. (Hi.)
  • If you have friends with similar reading interests, then you already have your beta readers.
  • You’ll have a better eye for what works and what won’t since you have so much experience reading in that genre.
  • You’ll enjoy the process (I hope), and you’ll actually want to read it when you’re finished.
  • On the chance that writing what you love to read is actually outside of your comfort zone, then it will be a good exercise in creativity–a good way to stretch your skills and find out if you like it there.

Benefits of Writing What YOU Want to Read from // write what you want to read

I realize these are pretty simple, straightforward suggestions here. No, I’m not taking publishing trends into account at the moment. I’m just trying to get you out of your funk and writing again.

{The coffee will help, too. 😉 }

Do you usually write in the genre you prefer to read, or do you spend most of your time outside of your comfort zone? Leave a comment below or join the Ladies in Read on Pinterest to share your best writing advice and inspiration. 

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