Wanna Write?

Interested in writing for The Lady in Read?

Good. Because I want you to. (I think.)

Here are a few guidelines on what I’m looking for in a guest post:

  • 500-700 words
  • Topics:
    • Writing advice & inspiration
    • Author interviews
    • Book reviews
  • NO AFFILIATE LINKS included in guest posts, please.
  • Preferred topics include actionable writing tips, including writing strategies that have (or haven’t) worked for you; practical editing tips (from professional editors only, please); publishing advice (traditional or self-publishing); writing career lessons learned; and author and/or book profiles. If you are a recently-published author trying to promote your new book, let me know! I may want to feature you.
  • For author + book spotlights, think more women’s fiction and less magical realism crime thriller. Not saying I wouldn’t feature a novel about a talking unicorn who solves murder mysteries (actually…that sounds kind of cool?), but you know, just generally speaking. 😉

And now here’s some math:

HELPFUL + KIND + SENSE OF HUMOR = a great post
Rambling + derogatory + dry as a Triscuit = not a great post

A few more notes (I know, I’m almost done):
*If your post is published here, please don’t publish it somewhere else. If you do, I’ll send my razor-toed cat after you and then you’ll be sorry.
*I will supply all images for the post, so don’t worry about that part. 🙂
*Please don’t be offended if I suggest changes. Even the best posts typically need tweaking.

Email your query to me at theladyinreadblog [at] gmail [dot] com. If you’re still confused, just take a look at some previous posts. You’ll get a good feel for what’s typically published here.

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